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Payroll Service

Payroll is one of the many responsibilities for an employer and is a crucial part of the business. Payroll services offer an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house processing.


Whether you’re looking to outsource payroll for the first time, or are thinking about switching from another payroll provider, NNL helps make payroll for business effortless — just as it should be. With our intuitive technology in your hands and experts by your side, you will be free to make your business all it can be.


NNL’s Payroll service refers to an allocation of some specific business processes to an expert such as:

• Maintain monthly payroll processing and master data

• Output reports based on the requirements of your employees and management

• Take care of reporting, usage, balances, accrual calculation and approval of leaves of your employees

• Manage reimbursement against expenses, including reporting, vetting of documents, approval, and submission of claims


Benefits to Clients:

• Give us the timesheet, deductions, and salary amounts of your employees and we process the check.

• Gain access to expertise in legislation, government regulations, privacy, and security in order to mitigate risks.

• Your business can save time that can be spent on more important activities.

• Reducing overhead costs

• Confidential

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