About Us

NNL is now known as one of the leading human resources consulting firms in the country, with experienced staff and specialists in the local labor market. NNL provides professional human resource solutions to meet the diverse needs of Vietnamese and international clients. NNL Inc. provides businesses of all sizes with complete Human Resource Services and Benefit Compliance Solutions helping companies navigate tricky employment laws, create engaged employees and a positive, productive culture. As an employer, you need to have a grasp of the ever-changing employment and labor laws. Our job is to make employment compliance and HR management more efficient for your company.


We are proud of having a team of talented and dedicated professionals in the field. In addition, as important as advanced human resources, we can achieve the best results in each package from evaluation, training, consulting, recruitment to human resources.


We operate in many fields such as consumer goods, retail, pharmaceuticals, industry, warehousing, hi-tech agriculture … NNL’s clients include a variety of large local businesses, corporations multinational companies in Vietnam, as well as international model companies operating in Vietnam.