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Executive Search

NNL Executive Search helps companies build superior leadership teams, focusing on high-level roles. We can expedite your hiring process and ultimately help find the best available executive match for your company. Our goal is to successfull…

HR Outsourcing

Đánh giá hiệu quả công việc là hoạt động đã và đang được triển khai trong doanh nghiệp. Nhưng thực tế không phải hoạt động đánh giá hiệu quả công việc nào cũng đang mang lại năng suất và có tính xây dựng. Thực tế, không ít trường hợp khiến…

Employment Service

Employment service is a part of NNL’s Services in which the company will be lawful Employer of Clients’ headcounts, and those are allocated to Clients to perform specific tasks. Any information discussed between NNL and Clients or candidate…

Staffing Service

Staffing Service is a fast and effective way of bringing temporary employees onboard to address certain personnel shortage situations. NNL commits to provide Temporary Agency Staff solution for short and long-term employment. The positions…

Mass Recruitment

Our professional recruiters find the top candidates for any executive, professional or hourly positions. We do the recruiting for you, providing you with the best candidates. We guarantee it.   Our staff of highly trained recruiters is…
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