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Executive Search

NNL Executive Search helps companies build superior leadership teams, focusing on high-level roles. We can expedite your hiring process and ultimately help find the best available executive match for your company. Our goal is to successfully complete your executive search within 15 days or less.

Operational process of NNL Executive Search:

  •  Client Kick Off: We conduct extensive research to build a profile of your ideal executive.
  •  Candidate Development: We develop a top-quality pool of custom-matched executive talent.
  •  Streamlined Search Process: You conduct back to back interviews of select, highly skilled executives.
  •  Final Interview Stage: You make your final selection, and we manage all recruitment and negotiation.
  •  Search Conclusion: You hire an experienced, top-notch executive under an accelerated timeline.

Benefits to Clients:

  • You get the best talent available, not just the best talent that responded to your opening
  • The best candidates drive revenue and success and have more impact on your top and bottom line.
  • Work in complete confidence, maintaining the integrity of the Client’s image in the public eye
  • Schedule and prepare both clients and candidates for interviews
  • Assist with salary negotiations on behalf of clients

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