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Mass Recruitment

Our professional recruiters find the top candidates for any executive, professional or hourly positions. We do the recruiting for you, providing you with the best candidates. We guarantee it.


Our staff of highly trained recruiters is skilled in recruiting, networking and selecting candidates that fit your hiring criteria and organizational needs.


We can contact the gainfully employed individuals from targeted organizations, and other places that are hard for you to reach on your own.


We commit to meeting recruitment needs through the following advantages:

• Database: more than 30,000 candidates.
• Direct recruitment and referral from a huge network of collaborators and staff in over 30 provinces.
• Affiliate sites and other proprietary Fanpage


We recruit for both hourly and salary positions.


Benefits to Clients:

     – High-quality employee talent, when you need it. 

     – Prescreened, highly qualified individuals for you to choose from.

     – Upon request, we can assist with.

     – Confidentiality.

     –  Flexible in service period: from 1 to 12 months to cover short-term needs (maternity leave) or backup for absence staffs to keep running the works efficiently.

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